Tai chi Y4d175: only slightly sore

Yesterday’s kayak jaunt turned out that be more of an adventure.  My Lady and I went out to n a four hour kayak trip on the Salmon River, which flows int the Connecticut River on the east side of the river near Haddam.  I think officially this is in East Haddam.  We traveled an hour and a half upriver, and stopped  for a while at the second boat put-in, and then traveled back.   On paper, we had put in at a little after high tide in the morning, and in theory the current and tide were both against us on the upriver trip. This meant that both current and tide would be with us on the downriver trip, and it would be easier going.  In practice, the trip upstream was very easy, and downstream we were facing into a headwind that made us paddle constantly.  We’d also been operating under the impression that we’d be out on the water for about two hours.  In reality it was closer to four.  I am more red in places than I’d like, but I’m happy about the work we did yesterday.

Today I am only slightly sore.  Twenty five push-ups were easy.  I almost went for thirty.  Squats in the two qI gong forms were easier and smoother than I can ever remember,  and I was able to work through eight tai chi repetition of forms with t much difficulty at all,  and I feel great.

I was worried about timing this morning, so I did tai chi first and then returned to druidry afterward, where usually I do druidry first and then tai chi.  The flip does not appear to have done me much harm. It may have even been good.

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