Tai Chi Y4D174: Travel

My Lady and I went to visit friends last night, and didn’t get home until very late. But we’re getting up early this morning to go kayaking on the river.  Accordingly, my tai chi practice was abbreviated; I don’t want to raise up and use all this energy right before I go out on the river for a couple of hours; that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So I did a half-sized version of Five Golden Coins (eight repetitions instead of sixteen), and a half-sized version of Eight Pieces of Silk (4 repetitions instead of 8); and two tai chi forms.  It’s enough.  My arms will get a serious workout from that, and then I can do push-ups this afternoon after a nap if it seems warranted.

I also did the Rite of the Three Rays, and the Rite of the Central Ray, this morning. Yesterday was an intense druidic session; I began the pathwork — which is a sort of guided meditation in the DOGD tradition for bards and druids — for the druid grade. So I didn’t do an elaborate practice.  Maybe more on that later.

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