This post is part of the Make Summer Camp Series: It’s specifically an add-on to yesterday’s post about laying out a book digitally.

Draw to think: book blocks// course I got it wrong. I only realized in the middle of the project that it was wrong.

If you take a look at the diagram at left, you’ll see six sheets of paper making a signature. So far so good.  Each page then gets folded. Again, so far so good.  Six folded sheets get stacked inside one another, so far so good.

When you’re bookbinding a notebook, this much is easy.  When you’re trying to create a book-block, a set of pages paginated in order from beginning to end, this gets trickier.

Because in a book-block, you have to think both digitally and printer-ly, and bound-ily, all at the same time.

So, the printed sheet 1 is equivalent to digital pages 1 and 2 on the screen — but it’s also pages 1 and 2 and 23 and 24 in the book.

Except that it’s NOT.  This is what screwed me up last night.  Page 7 and 18 are going to come out of the laser printer on the same sheet of paper, and pages 8 and 17 are going to come out on the second sheet, and then both get run through a copier to make it double-sided.  But both pages come out of the printer in the same orientation — they don’t get backwards-ified until they’re made double-sided.

Which means, that on the first of these printed sheets, book pages 18 and 7 have to be printed on the page in that order — 18 on the left side of the page, and 7 on the right side.  And on the second of these printed sheets, 8 has to be printed on the left side, and 17 has to be printed on the right. Getting them to come out of the copier correctly is a completely different kettle of fish, of course.  And with a clean copy.

And so I have some substantial revision of my book block to do tonight.  I’m going to have to invert every other page.  I hope I do the right pages.  Clearly I have some more figuring out to do.