Make Summer Camp: Elemental Scarf

Elemental ScarfI don’t plan to say much about this scarf.  It’s mostly rows of knit, 66 stitches wide.  I made it in order to learn if I have the patience to make a Doctor Who Scarf, and the answer is that I probably don’t.  There are mistakes in each of its four colors. Some of these mistakes are dropped stitches. Others are added stitches, others are just a mess.

The worst mistake: I completely unraveled about eight lines of green during the effort to bind off—a dozen stitches fell off, and then several rows below them unraveled rapidly.  I undid three or four more lines than necessary in the effort to get the whole scarf back on to the needles to bind off again.  The second time, it held.

It’s by no means perfect.Elemental Scarf

When you look at this broad wall of Yellow, for example (for air, for spring, for the east, for the dawn, and in some systems for the Sun), it’s hard not to notice that mess at the top left where I’ve woven in some of the extra string. Something similar is going on along the bottom where it intersects with red.  And from a true magical prospectus, the colors are out of order.  It might be, top to bottom, fire, air, water, earth (red, yellow, blue, green).  Or it might be an infinity scarf, with twelve roughly-equal fields of these four colors, with a Zodiac sign knitted in cable work in a flashing color (I’m not that talented a knitter).

But still, it’s done.  My next knitting project was going to be something in linen stitch, but it’s looking more like Bamboo Stitch is going to be my next project.

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