Tai chi y4d112: finish the set

Due  to a lack of comfortable space, I did not do my push-ups this morning. I might have a chance to do them a little bit later today. But I lacked the necessary floorspace this morning.

 I did do the two preliminary qi gong forms, which were quite successful.   Working through those, loosened my shoulders, and my knees, enough to do what followed.

The principal work of the day was to do the tai chi form one. My plan was to do it only once, but at the end of that first cycle I have an important insight. That was, that the eight fold types of tai chi or movements in tai chi, require attention to upward movement, downward movement, inward movement, outward movement, splitting movement, footwork, breath work, and moving through water. My challenge has been that I do not have the endurance to do all eight cents every day. Accordingly, this morning I did eight sets, without worrying about whether I was doing them with attention to the upward movement, or downward movement. I simply did eight sets.Edit

That took me 35 minutes.

In other words, the necessary time that I wish to invest in my tai chi practice, comes out of performing the base set of action eight times, plus the two qi gong forms. 

I started in on my second iteration of the form. My body responded with some attitude. It was as though my flash were saying to me, “I thought you weren’t going to do more than one set today?” call my muscles relaxed a little bit, when I started the third set, without beginning to focus on a given form of movement. “Oh!” My body seemed to say, “you’re not putting everything into this. That’s all right, then.”  When I began the third to get a ration of the form, again without focusing on a specific type of movement, my body responded further. After the fourth iteration, my body objected a little too starting a fifth time. It seemed to say, you don’t usually go farther than this. What are you doing now?

But the sixth and seventh time through, as well as the eighth, were very easy.  The sense of rebelliousness past, in other words. The resistance ended. It feels weird to talk about my body in the third person, as if it were not an essential component in who I am and what I am. Yet, nevertheless, that is how it felt in the moment. That The brain had decided upon a course of action, and that the body was ruled by a mutinous crew attempting to gain control of the ship. I think about the recent movie from Pixar, inside out, and how it portrays the brain or command center, as being ruled by a set of five emotions. It seems to me that there is a six seat at the table, or maybe a seventh as well, representing the energy and the lassitude of the body.  It is not really a good model of the mind, to begin with. Get the lived experience today suggests that although the mind is capable of ruling  the meat, that The meet also has a say in what the mind decides. 

It is difficult to say what the illusion is, here.has my mind invented a voice for the matter to speak through, or is the body actually collecting and interpreting information from the flash? I don’t know the answer. But I think that my deliberate breakdown of my tai chi practice, should include practicing the tai chi for eight times in a row, in order to build up the endurance to fully practice the eight types of movement. Edit

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