Tai Chi Y4D111: Half Set

Did two sets of push-ups this morning: one set of 16, and one set of 12.

My shoulders are killing me for some reason.  I’ve slept funky the last few days, possibly due to all the fireworks going off in the middle of the night.  We heard one sound last night that made my lady wonder if someone had shot a gun, but it appeared not to be the case.  We did have our own mini celebration for dinner.  We grilled a couple of steaks on the mini-grill that I use as my athanor (alchemical furnace), and then I cooked six ounces of basil (Basilicum ocmium) down to white ash for an alchemical mixture I’m working on for my druidic work.

This morning, though, as I said, my shoulders ache.  I did two sets of push-ups.  The first set of sixteen was enough to get me to stop doing push-ups.  But then I thought “sixteen is not twenty”, obviously, and I did four more, except I forgot to stop.  Twenty-eight push-ups is not bad.  Maybe it’s time to move up to thirty push-ups.

I then did the two qi gong forms.  I really like these.  Usually by the end of two forms, whatever aches and pains I have in my body are gone.  Today was an exception; call it 83% gone, but with some lingering tension and challenge.

Then the tai chi form itself, four times.  I focused on footwork, breathwork, outward and downward movements today.  There was a chance I was going to do all eight forms, but…no.  I have things that need doing today.

Speaking of which.  I’m about to go off into the woods on my annual camping/festival trip.  I also have a funeral to go to beforehand, and a Toastmasters meeting.  Between the three things, I’m not at all sure how many posts I’ll be able to make until Tuesday next week.  I have a few things scheduled while I’m away, later in the week, but I didn’t plan to be signing off this early.   So there may be an entry tomorrow, and maybe Wednesday—but by Thursday I’m out for a few days.

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