Tai chi Y4D90: in the rain

Tai chi today indoors — first time in several days, and resulting from heavy rain when I woke. 

This business of having to write my tai chi entry in a small screen is not much fun. I don’t enjoy it a great deal. I put it off for a while, hoping I’d get where there’s internet service. But it doesn’t seem likely. And then I forgot to plug the small screen in last night, so I had to make charging it the first order of the day. And then the day ran away with me. 
No matter. I did the form four times. An overhead fan made doing the qi gong forms unwise. This is why I prefer doing the work outdoors. Four times through the form was not a half-hour, but it was as much as I was prepared to give the work today. 

During one of those forms I lost my balance. I’m not sure why, but I went swimming yesterday and there’s an extra bubble of water in my left ear. It may have thrown off my balance somewhat. 

And so the work continues. 

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