Tai Chi Y4D89: No Internet

I’m writing today’s entry in the café area of a Big Y grocery store.  My host this weekend doesn’t have internet service.  Accordingly, today’s entry is likely to be short because I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to sit here talking about what was, in fact, a short and not very effective or deep day of practice.

As is frequently the case, today was largely about recovering from a hefty end-of-school-year schedule.  I finished my grades late evening on Friday, and then pushed myself to attend an all-day event on Saturday… and today I woke with headaches and body aches from pushing myself to complete the week of school and get through the teacher-review process on Thursday and Friday.  Exhausting. Today turned into a bit more of a rest day than I usually allow it to be.  But I guess it went ok.

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