Tai Chi Y4D68: Art Day

One of the things that I love about my parents, my mom in particular, is that they’re very supportive of me and my projects.  It’s a great boon.  Today, my mom brought me coffee which was hot and milky the way I like it, as I finished my tai chi.  And shortly thereafter she said, “what are you doing on your computer!? It’s a beautiful day to make art.”

And so it was.  On Saturday night, I’d talked about my upcoming art show in November, and she put me to work making some of the pen and ink drawings that I’d mentioned that I wanted to do for the show.  So this morning’s entry didn’t get written because I was working on another part of my creative life besides tai chi.  When I got tired of making ink marks on paper, she put me to work/taught me how to make pillow-cases using nice cotton fabric.  When I got tired of pillow cases, she put me to work sewing buttons onto the vest I made.  And so on, and so on.

Hence, no entry for today’s tai chi, which was simply Eight Pieces of Silk, and twice through the form.

And I think that’s the point, really. Tai chi is this thing which is supposed to cultivate and grow the rest of me, and it’s done that quite well, such that I’m now an artist and a sewing guy, and a carpentry guy, and a druid, and a knitter and a mead-maker and a bunch of other things. A pretty well-rounded human being, in other words.  And that’s something like cultivating gong.

Zentangle landscapes

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