Hymn to Juno, Queen of the Gods

Jason Miller’s students are doing a global rite in honor of Juno, the queen of the gods, over the next few days, as part of his cyclical training of new students.  I’m not aware of any formal feast day for her at this time, other than their honoring of her at this time. But I have a hard time resisting an occasion for a good poem.  Or even a poem of any kind. I already wrote a poem for the Feast of All Heras on another occasion, which can be used as a supplement or a replacement for this one.  Here’s a 3-verse hymn or ode in honor of Juno, written today for the students of Mr. Miller to use as part of their rites if they wish:

Hail to thee, Juno, great mother and queen,
protectress of marriage, garden and hearth!
Your glittering raiment of peacock sheen
gleams fulgent with divinity and worth,
for you keep house with diligence and care,
well-ordering the lives beneath your roof,
and you see to the feasts and health of all.
The garden fence you keep in good repair;
you manage money with good sense and proof
of purchase; and true power is the shawl

upon your shoulders broad, which bear the weight
of mighty deeds and noble chores with ease;
for your will keeps families in happy state,
and your love unlocks, with jingling keys,
stores of cloth, food, and gossamer treasure —
of kind neighbors, good government and schools,
the warp and weft of both kindred and friends.
These you dispense, in judicious measure,
as though unwinding bright ribbon from spools—
for well-wrapped gifts make peace, and make amends,

and make acquaintance — and alliance, too.
Juno, be my friend, and teach me your way
to grow, to thrive, to manage and make do,
with one eye set on what I have today
while the other glances at tomorrow.
Maturity and Wisdom keep your house—
One cooks the meals while the other one cleans;
A cup of this sugar, may I borrow,
and the recipe for your type of grace—
the happy home that lives within its means?

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  1. […] Hymn to Juno, Queen of the Gods — I’m a student of Jason Miller’s.  In late April, as his students were getting ready to do an around-the-world ritual in honor of Juno, I composed this hymn as part of the effort to provide tools and resources to everybody.  A lot of people read it and used it, apparently. Very few people bothered to tell me. Pretty common, actually. (The other poem that people visited a lot was this one for the Mighty Dead). […]

  2. I am going to be doing the Rite as a new student in Jason’s course, so I hope you don’t mind me borrowing this to use as part of it. Not sure what it is, or how I will work it into it but I’ll figure it out!

    • By all means. You are one of those for whom it was written. Figuring out how and when to use it may be challenging, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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