today’s tai chi was short.  It wasn’t much other than that.  I’m aware that I’m in a rut of bad practice.  I’ve not been living up to my own expectations of myself for this year, and developing a more complex practice.  Part of this has been the influence of vacation, and going to Montreal.  Part of it has been spending time away from home. Part of it has been other morning priorities.  But really, it’s been about “I just don’t wanna.”

Welcome in the return of the Noonday Demon.  I thought he was gone.  Who knew he’d make such a subtle and sly come-back?

I think I would start over and do today’s practice again, to help banish him, if I weren’t planning on being somewhere else in a short while this morning.  But now that I’ve identified the problem, I think it will be much easier to move forward.