Tai Chi Y4D13: Let’s start

I’m loogy today. Doing tai chi — actually, getting up and getting moving — was tremendously challenging.  I’ve been working hard for the last few days to write comments, create reports about my students, and complete grading… and I finished about 5pm yesterday.  Then I went to the theater, and I didn’t get home until 10 pm after days and days of being up until midnight or later. I’m running on not-much-left.

I’m grateful that a number of big projects are finished, though:

  • I’m now definitively in year 4 of tai chi
  • The design lab is finished
  • The wizard of Oz head is finished
  • Grades and comments are finished (for a little while)
  • Major training activities for the Bardic grade in my druid order are done.

That’s a lot that I’ve finished just in the the two weeks before, and two weeks after, Equinox.  A lot accomplished. Tonight, I compete in my Toastmasters club’s Area Spring Speaking Contest.  Woo! And then I get to sleep for most of the weekend.  In honesty, I feel like I’ve been suffering a low-to-mid-grade cold without fevers or stuffiness.Not exactly body aches, but genuine weariness.

The result was a tai chi practice that was… somewhat less than ideal. But it still got done.  It amuses me that there are still days when I have a really poor practice like today — and actually I’ve had quite a few of them in a row, now.  But that sooner or later, I’ll find a way to make it work for me again.

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