Tai Chi Y4D12: Just a day

Did my regular routine:

  • Five Golden Coins — five postures, sixteen repetitions of each posture; effort to breathe inversely, not so good.  Some of the postures would be really difficult to do that —  breathe in and pull the abdominals in at the same time.
  • Eight Pieces of Silk — eight postures, eight repetitions of each
  • The tai chi form — sixty postures, and today, one repetition apiece.

I didn’t have time for more.

Part of my druidry practice is to do a geomantic reading. Today’s reading shows me in the thick of things, and challenged to get stuff done. At the same time, though — I have stuff to get done. So I’m setting up a telesma of the character Bendith Fawr — because I need to get stuff done today, and I can’t afford to be wishy-washy about that.

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