Tai Chi Y4D8: 45 Minutes

Did 45 minutes of tai chi this morning. The two qi gong forms, and two longer renditions of the tai chi form — once focusing on footwork and breathwork, once on moving through water.

Well, I think I did 45 minutes. There was a bathroom break in the middle of the tai chi workout, so it may have been somewhat less than that. But it was close. (it’s worth noting that a good tai chi workout may, in fact, activate the body’s disposal mechanisms quite healthily!)

I had a very nice moment in the half-spin, and again in the full spin, where I achieved even better results than in the smoothest spin I had a little more than a year ago. It felt like I had no weight at all — I was just rotating, like a planet on its axis, rotating on the imaginary line between crown of the head and feet.  So lovely.

My arms are less tired today than they’ve been this week. I’m starting to put on some muscle from the move through water regimen.  It’s nice.

In other news, I’ve completed the major portions of the efforts to complete the Bardic grade in my druid order.  I’m pulling together the materials for my examination, and I’m hoping to send those in next week or the week after.  And if you didn’t see that the Lab is now in its new quarters, you should take a look.

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    • You can’t take the test without having done the work first ;-). So, congratulations still stand on completing the work, even if you end up having to revisit and refine.

    • Thank you, though, for good words about the design lab. That was a project and a half, and almost derailed this week, until I showed someone a calendar with Easter and Passover clearly marked. 🙂

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