Tai Chi Y4D4: Delays

I got up in plenty of time to do tai chi this morning, but my first priority was to find the broken needle from my sewing machine.  Last night I was making a series of bags or pouches for a costume, and Ping! the needle went flying.  Hard.  I heard it bounce three times over my shoulder to the left, somewhere on the floor where I practice tai chi.

I turned off the light, and went to bed.

This morning, with slightly better light, I went looking for the thing, doing squats and toe touches all around the room until I found it.  I suppose you could call that tai chi, but it wasn’t any form I’d ever heard of, myself.  Eventually, I found it. Then I proceeded with Five Golden Coins and Eight Pieces of Silk,followed by the tai chi form twice.  I only did twenty minutes of formal tai chi — but my search pattern for the broken needle had consumed at least ten minutes.

Doctor Yang said “practice in good shoes” but I’ve always practiced barefoot if I could help it.  But after this, I thought about all the stuff that often winds up on the floor of my studio — everything from broken sewing needles to wood shavings from the plane, to scraps of ceramic from when I broke a crucible.  It’s a dangerous business, stepping out of your bedroom. Maybe I should invest in good shoes.  Even though I always clean up carefully.

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