Tai Chi Y3D363: In Three Days Time

… I’m going to have to figure out if I’m going to record year four the way I did year three. I’ve not made up my mind yet, I realize.  I don’t know.  I’m dithering.

I’m not dithering on practice.  I had a good one today: I ran through the form twice, taking about four minutes the first time.  Call it agility training. Somewhere in the middle of it, I stepped on a sharp piece of cut thumbnail or big-toe nail — OW! I don’t know how it didn’t wind up in the trash, but it hurt. It felt like something cutting the sole of my foot.  But the sensation didn’t last, and I didn’t fall over while trying to get it off.  Balance was good.

After the first run-through, I did Five Golden Coins.  I didn’t wake up feeling the best.  Something I ate? Something I drank? Hard to know what it was.  Either way, by the end of this qi gong routine, I felt fine.  I love that.  It stretched the bad qi out of my system, and helped me spring back into shape.

Then I did the tai chi form again.  Was much slower and more deliberate the second time around. The form took about fifteen minutes on this second walk-through, and I was able to move through water effectively for the length of the form.  The inverse-breathing? I let that go.  The footwork? Some wrong bits here and there; the old footwork keeps reasserting itself.

But I’m making progress.

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