Tai Chi Y3D357: Short practice

I woke up substantially later than I usually do. The alarm had been going off for a while, and I hope I didn’t disturb my neighbors. As in, I slept through hitting the snooze button the first time, and was surprised when it went off a second time. I’m still tired.

My practice today was light: Five Golden Coins and a medium-length run-through of the form.  Took me about twelve minutes, which means that Five Golden Coins took about three minutes, and the form took nine.  Terrible for long-term goals, but — completion, not perfection.  The Best is the Enemy of the Good, as Plato said, meaning that the good here is doing the work every day whether I need it or not… and if the best effort every day gets overly-burdensome, I’m likely to stop because it’s too much.  I’ve had five or six great days in a row.  Today can be a bit lackadaisical.

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