Tai Chi Y3D348: Always Nice

Hey, it’s always nice to sign in early on a Monday morning and discover a new reader.  A spike of forty or fifty page hits… generated by one, maybe two people.  Reading sonnets. A LOT of sonnets… Okay.  Hope you enjoyed yourself?

Two hour delay at school this morning.  Good… it’s going to take me half an hour or more to shovel out.

I focused on footwork today.  I’m beginning to be able to manage the placement of feet so that they’re in a staggered formation, but it’s not occurring naturally.  Upper body work is going to have to come later, after I figure out what my feet are doing again. Breathwork was good; I’m getting the hang of inverse breathing, where the belly pulls in on the in-breath, and hangs out on the out-breath.  The results of this over a few days have been just awesome. It’s a genuine workout.

Time to go do some shoveling.

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