Tai Chi Y3D341: A Mix of Messages

Today was a half-hour series.  I did tai chi, some qi gong, some yoga, and some meditation in that half-hour. Sort of a mix of messages, really.  Would it be better to do all of one, and none of the others? Or half tai chi, and half qi gong, and save the rest for other occasions? Doctor Yang reported that he does about two hours of qi gong every day; but then, he’s got a busy teaching schedule in New York.  Me, I have a busy teaching schedule — but not teaching tai chi.

No matter.  I’m moving, and that’s what counts. Despite the 12° weather last night, I bundled up in hat and coat, gloves and scarf, and went for a twelve-block walk around the neighborhood. The sidewalks are ice — our mini thaw of Sunday has resulted in ice floes over all the sidewalks, far thicker than I could chop through without a pickaxe or something similar. Tai chi balance skills saved me a couple of times, really.  I could have been on my butt, and instead I just found myself one-legged for a brief moment or two.

I’m around four weeks of work out from the end of my Bardic-grade curriculum in DOGD.  I was planning on making it three weeks last night, but the walk took longer than I expected.

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