Tai Chi Y3D339: Half An Hour

I did twelve minutes of tai chi, and another eighteen minutes of qi gong afterwards. I feel great. Not surprisingly, really.  Breathwork was good.  Dr. Yang, Greg, Tom, Reba, and some of the other instructors taught reverse-breathing, where the gut is gently sucked in during the in-breath, and relaxed during the out-breath.  I’m really enjoying that a great deal, and I feel like it’s doing me a world of good.  Footwork, based on the recent training in widening my stance, was poor.  I can’t do it deliberately or clearly yet, and it’s going to take a while before I make these shifts automatically.  The physical shifting from side to side was awesome; I feel like my knees are loosening up, and the advice I got about not pushing out so far on my knees was spot-on.  Excellent.  Upper body work? Mmmm… OK, I guess, but I really should be moving more as if I were standing in chest-high water and push-pulling my body and arm movements through that water — steady but as though with difficulty.

Even so, I feel stronger and more balanced this morning. It’s definitely helping.

Oh, and I’m happy.  I mean, I was happy before, but today I was happy during tai chi. It’s continuing to be a source of happiness in my life, and I’m glad about that.  Way to go.

Update: This is post #4077 on this blog.  What a MASH. 🙂

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  1. I just wanted to say that this and the previous post were lovely to read. It’s great to hear you expressing that kind of joy and connection.

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