Tai Chi Y3D291: Light Practice

My left knee still hurts today when moving to the ‘low’ positions.  Going down on the right knee during Grab Needle at the Sea Bottom was enough to show me that I couldn’t get through the “low” parts of my tai chi form.  Except the injured knee is clearly the left knee, which doesn’t carry any weight during Grab Needle.  The pain is along the top inside of the knee, suggesting a pull or a tear or an overextension.  Given that it doesn’t hurt now, while in a seated position, or while walking in an upright position, suggests to me a pull or an overextension rather than a tear.  But as Christina said in a comment to yesterday’s entry, an assessment may be in order.

In any case, today’s practice was light.  I couldn’t do the full-on tai chi form; and I couldn’t do the full-on qi gong forms I do (both of which involve deep knee bends).  I solved both by doing the first position stand from The Way of Energy for a few minutes, which felt WONDERFUL. More of that, please.

Today is Perihelion, and tomorrow is Epiphany.  The links connect to two earlier poems I’ve written about those days.  I note that I’m about four days behind from these days on my regular schedule, and I wonder if I’ve either missed or added days to the routine this year.

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