Tai Chi Y3D257: Timing

This morning, I realized, “hey, I’m focused too much on finishing the tai chi, and getting to the writing and drawing part of my practice.” That’s backwards. So I noted the time, and did tai chi for 40 minutes. In practice, my tai chi routine takes around 15 minutes, and my qi gong routines take about 5 minutes apiece. So I did the tai chi form (in about 3 minutes, the first time, way too fast in other words), and then the first qi gong routine, and then tai chi again (about 12 minutes), and then the second qi gong form, and then tai chi again, this time much slower (about 15 minutes).

But, I’ve now sat here for nearly 20 minutes drawing, and I don’t have a clear sense that *I* understand how to do the movement Step, Block, Punch.  So I’m going to wait on publishing this until I have a better sense that I’ve got it right.

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