Sewing: Viking-style poof pants

Viking pants
Finished pants sag too much

I had wanted to make a pair of pants for a while, but the complexity of patterns, my changeable waist size, and relatively thriftiness prevented me.  I finally bit the bullet, did some searching online, and found a pattern for a pair of viking-style pants (in this PDF). I took my pattern over to Beehive Sewing in Northampton, MA, and made myself a “sloper”, a three-dimensional completed example.

Things to fix next time:

  • Make the ‘narrow tubes’ narrower and longer so that they fit my calves better.
  • Make the ‘huge squares’ somewhat smaller — maybe 40″x45″ instead of 45″ x 45″, or 40″x45″ even. Some experimentation is warranted.
  • Arrange the gathering effect more evenly around the knees.
  • Build a better drawstring tube — three folds, maybe, and two seams (top and bottom) for a more finished-looking top edge.
  • A shorter inseam up from the knee, resulting in a poofier pant with a lower crotch.

I made myself some notes in a PDF (Viking Pants), which can act as a supplement, I think to the design notes in the PDF referenced above.

With regard to fabric, I’m thinking of something somewhat more sturdy than muslin for the next version of these, say, something in a light canvas or denim or worsted or … I don’t know.  Any suggestions?

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  1. The “hand” of your suggested fabrics for next time might be a bit too heavy/stiff for a proper drape. Although I admit I am not sure what your finished product should be like. I guess I will have to go watch that Viking series that I missed last year?

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