Tai Chi Y3D239: In the Dark

Today I woke to first snowfall.  Somehow — even though it’s after daylight saving time, even though it’s November, even though it’s getting colder, even though it’s getting darker, even though I knew it was going to happen — I was unprepared. I cozied down into the warmth of the blankets… just nine more minutes on the sleep function of my alarm clock, please.  Twice.  And here it is just a little bit before 6:00am, and it’s still dark, and still cold, and what am I doing up?

Doing tai chi. That’s what I’m doing.

Writing about it.

Oh yeah, and druidic practice, too.  That’s not an afterthought, either; it’s part of my regular morning routine. But I don’t know what to say about it, since so much of it is semi-public information; and you could look it up if you wanted to for yourself — but then you’d have to practice it for more than a year to figure out what it was doing to me, and even then you’d only really know what it was doing to you.

But then, tai chi is like that too. Any daily practice that doesn’t bind you closer to a cult or drive you crazy is likely to make you slower, more observant, more caring, more inward-turned, more aware of the world around you, more skillful at solving problems, more aware of non-dualistic thinking. I feel extraordinarily blessed, despite the snow, to be able to live in a time and place when I get to practice daily with things that matter to me.

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