Tai Chi Y3D223: Dynamic Motion

It was a good practice today.  I did the two qi gong forms reasonably well. There was some cracking and crackling during Five Golden Coins, though. I haven’t really revved up this form in a few days, and there was some built-up tension that got released.  Awesome.

I really screwed up the tai chi form, though.  I got halfway through, lost my place, and had to begin again because I couldn’t sort out where I was in the form.  The second time through was nearly perfect, and very close to the correct speed.

Sort of a busy day today.  I’m not sure what’s coming my way, aside from the Adirondack Chair class this evening and quite a bit of make-up work from some of my classes.  But my spider-sense is tingling, as Peter Parker might say.  It feels like it’s going to be an important day.

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