Tai Chi 219: In the Dark

I’m doing tai chi in the mornings in the dark, these days.  The shift in the morning light has become such that I am no longer doing tai chi in the half-light of dawn; it’s genuinely dark these days.  Daylight Savings Time ends next Sunday (November 2) at 2:00 am, and I’ll gain an hour of light, for a little while at least.  But I sort of don’t believe that DST works.

Bear head
me in the mask

Today’s practice was light.  I’ve a bit of a trip to go on today, and I need to be underway shortly.  Yesterday, during a lull waiting for the school dance, I had a chance to build a bear mask designed by this guy.  I definitely want to build this one again, now that I understand how it fits together; he has other masks, too, that I’m looking forward to building as well at some point. (that’s my classroom in the background).

Back to today’s tai chi practice.  It was good, but light, and not terribly interesting. Sometimes the best days are like that — easy and free.

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