Tai Chi Y3D209: Back to Work

Full tai chi plus push-ups routine today.  My hands aren’t quite healed, but they’re better.  I’ve been doing some wood carving on the handle of the knife I made in the forge.  The result has been that my hands have gotten a little chopped up.   But going back to push-ups today was good. I needed that.

I’m in the middle of a crazy-as-heck week.  Although I had Monday off from work, I’m attending a workshop on basic carpentry this evening, to build an Adirondack chair.  Tomorrow I’m running a workshop for 26 teachers from around the state; Friday is a workshop for debaters at my school; and Saturday is a game design workshop for 20 students.  Phew! Busy weekend.

I’ve been working through a series of games to improve my graphic design skills: The color game, the Bezier Tool game, and more, to teach graphic design skills.

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