Tai Chi Y3D198: In the Kitchen

The kitchen is not the best place for tai chi, but there’s all kinds of stuff scattered around other parts of the house, and it’s raining.  Not easy to do tai chi in these circumstances.  Push-ups were awful, but OK.

I think that one of the key insights of any daily practice, of course, is learning that some days are going to be awesome, and some days are going to be ok or meh, and some days are going to be downright terrible.  And that this is normal.  It’s easy to be attached to the idea that a daily practice is supposed to be all in, every day, but in truth it’s rarely so deterministic as that.  It’s not ever one continuous progression toward improvement; there are going to be backsliding days, days when you’re just not up to it, days when you forget key elements. It’s OK.  Tomorrow will be better.  Or it won’t.  Things have a way of working out over the long haul, no matter how good or bad a given day may be.

Update: Today is the meeting of the magicians’ minds for Crucible, the New Jersey-based meet-up of Omnimancers, ceremonial magicians, wizards, sorcerers and various other practitioners. Part of me wishes I was there; part of me is entirely happy to be working on comments and grades for my students… it’s good to have a day of writing for those sorts of projects.

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