Tai Chi Y3D197: Push-Ups

Eighty Push-ups, in four sets to the four directions. Christina asked me to comment on why I might do such a thing, and the truth is that I don’t have a reason rooted in tradition or in ceremony.  The druidic work I’ve been doing (rooted in the Druidic Revival of the early-to-middle 18th century) salutes the four directions as doorposts of the day, reminders of the four seasons of the year, the four elements, the four humours, and so on. It seems like I can use the push-ups as another gauge of how I’m dong with my work, and how I’m mentally and physically taking care of myself.

The three tai chi/qi gong elements that fit between the four sets of push-ups, though, are definitely getting a boosted workout from the push-ups.  I’m entering the tai chi with a slightly elevated heart rate, and a powerful breath pattern rooted in the diaphragm rather than higher in the chest — and consequently I’m performing better in the tai chi movements.

Yesterday was Parent Information Night at school, and I think I did a reasonably good job of explaining my program and our collective projects to the parents who came by to see what was going on.  Parents seemed pleased, positive and impressed.  I had one parent who asked a couple of pointed questions, but in general it was a highly-positive evening.

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