Tai Chi Y3D162: double punch

Did 20 push-ups this morning — a set of eleven, a set of five, and a set of four.  I tried to do one nose-to-the-floor push-up after that, but it wasn’t in me today.  Tomorrow? We’ll see.

Today’s movement is the double-punch. After pivoting around from the back to the front, there’s a ‘flurry of blows’. I’ve always wanted to be able to type that.  And here it is!  Actually, it’s more like a half-flurry of blows: The left hand throws a punch, and then the left foot steps, and then the right hand throws a punch. And that’s it. Two blows sounds more like a half-flurry, doesn’t it?

Leave the hand in the air, that flung the hook
against the side of the enemy’s face;
for many turn to the side where they took
the blow. Twist at the waist with easy grace
and let the left hand curve into a fist
closer to the ground than the right hand’s high.
Send it forward, so your foe gets the gist
of your intention. When you let it fly,
step into the opening created, 
so the left foot is forward of the right.
The punch may land, or not, as is fated;
let the left hand rise as you punch with right.
As each hand punches, draw the other out,
so your weight and force are balanced with slack.

I am TOTALLY not happy with the last two lines (red), and I may have to fix the last six lines total (in green) before I’m happy.  We’ll see.  But it’s time to go off to work.

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