Tai chi Y3D151: a break

I’m currently in some rest stop off of I-81 in Pennsylvania, a little south of Wilkes-Barre. There’s a couple here in “I heart my redneck girlfriend/ redneck boyfriend” tshirts, but the heart is the traditional symbolic heart, and the words “redneck ______-friend” is an outline — and both are filled with the Confederacy’s Stars and Bars. Father, mother, kid. Augh!

I did my tai chi form on the lawn here, whole being regarded strangely by a woman walking her poodle, the aforementioned couple, a couple of teens kicking a soccer ball.

I still have 5-6 hours of driving so there will probably not be a poem today.

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    • The driving was good except for a ten mile stretch between Matamoras, PA and Port Jervis, NY over the Delaware river, which took close to an hour to go ten miles. My driver-tuckus is sore….

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