Tai Chi Y3D145: False Close

Did 20 lengths in the pool this morning (10 laps). Then did tai chi on the beach, which — bizarrely enough, had been freshly raked.  My footprints made some interesting patterns in the sand.  I’ll have to think about that some more.

I have an appointment this afternoon, but I hope to return and write my poem on False Close when I come back. For now, you’ll have to amuse yourselves.

Update: OK, here we go with the poetic explanation of False Close.  Let’s see, how do we do this?  First, check back on what we do in the movement, Retreat to the Mountain Camp... Ah, yes, we ended with the forward push. Which means, we begin here:

Withdraw the left foot and pull back both hands.
For now, keep your weight latent on the right.
Hands protect the face; beware shifting sands
underfoot, for now. Keep open a slight
distance between arms and line of the chest.
Fill this ‘balloon’ with chi for your defense.
Yet remember that left foot! Stand light, lest
you brace too heavily: be as a fence,
able to let the windy words blow by,
but strong and sure to keep the bulls away.
Yet stand softly, for your hands must deny
any strike that comes. For now, this is play —
imagine the foe coming from behind,
step back left and twist: defeat what you find.

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