Tai Chi Y3D135: White Heron Spreads Wings

Today’s movement is called White Heron Spreads Wings. I’ve always liked this one, in part because I have a great fondness for herons. Of course, around here in New England, most of the “white herons” are actually egrets rather than herons.  No matter.  It’s still a beautiful movement.

Left hand sinks downward, but right hand rises,
the first past left hip, the second up high.
White Heron hunts with shadowed disguises —
“my legs are sticks” is its first tiny lie,
and the second is how it hides its head
behind a curtain of feathers and shade.
Circle your arms, so neither is led
by the other; and stand as though you wade
in the shallows. Right hand comes curving down,
while left hand goes curving to the top,
left palm pressing upward, above the crown;
right hand seeks earth as though to never stop.
Then sudden reverse: both hands turn and close,
to hold chi at navel, fragile as rose.

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