Tai Chi Y3D122: At Home

Today I’m at my parents’ house.  Even years after I moved out, I still think of this house as home in many ways.  It’s not easier knowing that the house is in a neighborhood that’s gone so upscale that the place will likely be ripped to the ground about 40 minutes after the closing.  But it remains one of the places that I think of when I think “home”.

I didn’t get to my entry this morning because almost before I’d even finished doing tai chi this morning, my dad came in to the guest room all bustle and business and asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. So we went swimming. Ten laps later, and several large bubbles of apparently-stale air popped out of me as burps.  Strange: for all the work that I do at deep breathing, it’s hard to imagine bad air accumulating inside of me, but swimming always seems to find a few pockets of extra-smelly air inside of me, from my lungs or from my digestive tract.  I immediately felt better, like I’d been exorcised.  Swimming in water does this to me nearly every time — pushes out bad air, somehow, and brings in good air.

The practice was… OK, I guess.  I’ve got some new ideas about how to change things up, though, which is good.  I think I have some things to push around breath work, for one.  For another, I’ve gotten pretty good at slowing down the first half of the form, but the second half of the form could really drop from slow to slower speed, or even down to tortoise.  And third, I’m starting to work on doing the whole tai chi form as an isomorphic exercise, working with the dynamics of speed and muscle control to make the whole thing an exercise in tension-control.

Oh, and Christina: I bought that Kathleen Norris book about Acedia. I started reading it last night. So far, so good.

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