Tai Chi Y3D118: Long Horizons

Tai chi outside, and standing in a place where I had long views across a lawn to the east, and down a street to the north. And let me just say, doing squats with a distant vanishing point of perspective is… interesting, powerful and cool.  The last couple of days of my practice has been bare-minimum stuff, hardly any movement that was unnecessary, and certainly no effort to move slowly or deliberately.  It’s a habit I got back to today, after a couple of days of just barely punching the ticket. But wow.

Why did I go to bare-minimum practice for a couple of days? I’m presently in recovery from my annual retreat/celebration on a mountaintop in upstate New York, where for a few days I gather with friends and acquaintances to tell stories, sing, dance, drum (though I don’t do much drumming) and eat wonderful food. It’s always a fantastic time, and there’s always amazing stuff going on.

It also leaves me wiped for a day or two afterwards. I seem to be mostly back to normal today.  This is good.  I have a full schedule for the rest of the week!

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