Tai Chi Y3D109: Diagonal Alley

I found a place to do tai chi this morning, but it wound up warping my form quite a bit.  There’s this diagonal space upstairs between a coffee table and a desk and the brick chimney, which was sort of mostly the right space, but also a little weird and angular.  It was perfect for the two qi gong forms, but quite odd for the tai chi form.  Instead of touching the four corners of the square during my maneuver through Fair Lady Works the Shuttles, for example, it was more like touching the four corners of an irregular trapezoid.  During Snake Creeps Down, I had to pull back my hand to avoid striking a table leg.  And during Windmill Kick, I had to lift my leg higher to avoid banging my heel on the top of the desk.

I love the wonder and the joy that comes from practicing tai chi outside. But I also feel like my practice benefits from practicing in weird or awkward places.  Those kinds of locations teach me to be awake and to be careful about how I practice.

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