Tai Chi Y3D100: Slow but soft

IT was an interesting morning. Sometime around 11:30 last night, unable to sleep, I turned on the air conditioner finally.  I had avoided it as long as possible but it was no longer possible to ignore the unbearable heat in my room.  So it went on.  But the office is outside of the pair of rooms the air conditioner serves: as it must be, since the bedroom has no power plugs able to handle an air conditioner. That meant that walking into the office was akin to walking into a sauna.  Not ideal, really.

All the same, the morning practices went fine.  I did the druidic form.  I did push-ups.  I did my two qi gong forms.  I did the tai chi form.  There wasn’t much of a challenge to moving at the slow speed.  It’s just what i’m currently doing.  No trouble at all.

There is some difficulty around my left knee.  It’s important to take care of one’s knees in tai chi. The kneecap should never be farther forward than the toes in tai chi, or you risk potentially serious injury to the ACL and other parts of your knee joint.  This problem has only emerged in the last couple of days, and I wonder if it’s going wrong because I’ve taken up this more intensive practice.  It feels better than it did this morning, now, after tai chi practice, but not entirely right.  It may be caused by the attempt to start up a more intensive practice a few days ago.

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