Tai Chi Y3D98: Really Sweaty

Yesterday, my school’s Design Lab (which I head up as its director) won kind of a serious award for business and industry. There’s three levels of the award — silver, gold, and platinum — and the school won the Gold-level award for our work in starting a Design Lab for students to experiment and play with design concepts in order to better understand the world around them.  Due to a scheduling mishap (I turned out to be teaching summer camp classes that day, after all), I missed most of the presentation, but I was able to get there in time to meet some of the other attendees and accept the award with my boss. We were both a little puzzled by the event — schools don’t usually get invited to events where we’re praised for innovation, for one — but it was also very nice to be recognized and honored.  I wish I could have been there for the whole day.

Today’s tai chi was sweaty.  I’m sticky, stinky, and covered with a fine layer of sweat all over. Yesterday I was having challenges with Fair Lady Works the Shuttles. Today it was the section around Golden Pheasants, and the two spins. Still, the breathwork according to a four-count is working out well so far.  I’m definitely getting an improved workout. And again, push-ups went well, too.  I got to fifteen push-ups today without much difficulty, and I was also able to lower my nose closer to the floor than I’ve been doing so far. These small changes in my form are yielding good results thus far, in other words.

Speed.  If I have any issue at all so far, it lies in figuring out which movements ‘count’. My tendency is to over-count: this shift of the foot is one part of the six-part movement called  Snake Creeps Down, but it gets its own four-count.  So far that’s serving me well, but it may not be always thus.

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  1. Dear Andrew — as usual, your humility downplays the HUGE ACHIEVEMENT you, your school and it’s Design Lab have earned. Congratulations!

    • Is it? I don’t even know. Is this award a big deal? Apparently it is. Nobody told me it was a big deal until the afternoon of the day we won, and then people were like, “OMG! That’s a really huge honor, and that’s a major thing.” Who knew?

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