Tai Chi Y3D94: Obeying the Insight

YEsterday, I noted that I have a responsibility to live up to a particular insight. The insight in question was the recognition that I know how to improve and greatly benefit from my tai chi practice. All I have to do is start practicing in a way that I am using the four-fold breath on every movement, every single time, in the tai chi form, the qi gong forms, and throughout my practice.  I noted yesterday that I am just. not. doing. that.

I’m cheating.  I’m going too fast.

So I began a new commitment today.  I did my 10 push-ups again, which — good news — is getting easier and more regular.  It’s not the gods-awful pain that it was just a week ago. And it doesn’t leave me breathless and weak in the arms and chest.  And I did my druidry practice, which — again, good news — is easier now that I’ve sorted out whether I’m generating the Central Ray from top to bottom or from bottom to top (top to bottom appears to be correct). And a lot of health challenges I’d been having with coughing and breathing have sorted themselves out nicely in the last week. And school is over, at least until summer camp starts on Monday.

But, I have the time. And I have the intention. And I have the insight. So, for the next thirty days I’m going to attempt to do, and re-do, and re-re-do the tai chi form (though not the two qi gong forms) to the standard that I noted. If I don’t achieve it on the first go-around, I have to try again. And again, if the second re-try doesn’t cut it.  But the goal is to begin to establish the four-fold breath as the habit that goes with my tai chi practice.  I’ll do it three times, each day, trying to hit that marker.  More than three is probably counter-productive, I think.  But it will lengthen my practice and push me past my current plateau… and it’s a busy enough month that there will be other challenges, anyway.

In the meantime, though, today was pretty successful.  I felt I succeeded on the second run-through, though the bit around Cloud Hands was a little iffy.

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