Tai Chi Y3D82: Good Morning!

I got up early this morning to go upstairs to water my neighbor’s plants. She has a geranium on the porch, and as I finished watering it, I turned east. The sky there was alive with brilliant pinks, golds, salmon hues, and whites from the rising sun. Singularly awesome and beautiful.  I don’t always say Resh, but I did this morning:

Hail unto thee who art Ra in thy rising,
even unto thee who art Ra in thy strength,
who travelest across the heavens in thy bark
at the up-rising hour of the Sun.
Tahuti standeth in his splendor at the prow,
and Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm:
Hail unto thee from the abodes of night.

Then I went downstairs and did tai chi.  The work was at a good speed, with appropriate breathwork and not a lot of difficulty.  I sweated, which doesn’t always happen; but that means I successfully raised some energy.  A successful beginning to the day.

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