Tai Chi Y3D75: Confusion

Today I had some confusion about the qi gong forms.  I did some of the movements out of order, and I did some of the movements from the second sequence in the first sequence. Why I should be so confused is not clear to me, but it was the most out-of-order tai chi I’ve done in a good long while.  The Tai chi form itself was fine.  Breathwork was good, speed was fine.

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  1. That is a crazy thing which I experience from time to time. A few weeks ago, practicing with my long-time T’ai Chi partner, Garth, I kept getting out of order in the first 15 moves, and, furthermore, on a different move in the sequence each time. We just shrugged and shook our heads and moved on. We knew it was something inexplicable and temporary. I was otherwise alert and present. We agreed it’s one of the interesting things one learns when one does a long term practice such as this.

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