Tai Chi Y3D51: A simple practice

Given my rather complicated post scheduled for this morning about simplicity of life, it’s dubious about whether I can call my tai chi practice a simple one.  Two years in, it sometimes feels like it needlessly complicates my life and work to do this daily practice. And yet, it also feels much more real than many of the other things I do. Part of it is that it’s done for real, with my real, physical body.  Parts of me sometimes hurt when I’m done; parts of me are challenged by the movements; there’s making the commitment of time and effort to do the work even on days when I don’t want to.

But in truth, it IS a simple set of practices.  Yes, it’s a complicated series of movements to learn.  Yes, there are challenges in modern life that I associate with doing it.  Yes, it’s probably led to some difficult moments. But at the same time, it has a balancing and a calming effect on me and on my work.  Of all the practices I’ve developed and worked with over the years, this one has probably resonated with me the longest and most clearly.  Today, at least, I’m glad that I took up the work on a daily basis.

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