Tai Chi Y3D41: Good Run

Today was another good, slow day with excellent breath-work, positive movement at a gentle pace, and firm definitive movement.  I’m not sure what else to say about all of that.  It’s proving to be a good run, between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I think these have been the best three days of my tai chi practice so far.  May it continue!

I was going to stop there.

I suppose I can’t.  I always try to write a couple hundred words in the morning about the daily practice.  Yesterday, I was up late.  I was trying to finish a project, and having a rough go of the last few steps.  If you must know, I attached seams to a three-piece sewing project so that one seam was on the finished side of the cloth, and the other seam was on the unfinished side of the cloth.  In other words, I’d have had to assemble a Möbius strip for it to be assembled. Then I couldn’t find my seam-ripper, and I had to pull the seams apart gently with a safety pin and a tiny pair of scissors.

But this weekend in general — my practice has been so relaxing and so well-put together, that I woke this morning with a spring in my step and no delay at all in getting out of bed.  I slept when I was tired and woke when I was ready to wake, and I completed … 1… 2… 3… 4… projects this weekend.  It felt good.

For those who may have missed the news, I’ve reorganized my top buttons a bit.

Under “About” there’s now a link to a more generalized links page on my tai chi practice.  Under the new header-category, Teaching, there’s links to the Palace of Memory about teaching memory arts in school, and the Maker’s Grimoire about teaching Maker and design skills.  The Poetry category, including the Sun and Moon Sonnets and the Neo-Orphic Hymns, remains unchanged.

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