Tai chi Y2D363: twice through, and yoga

I’m a bit lightheaded right now. I did a round of yoga — the Sun Salutation, the only yoga “form” I know — before and after and between each of my qi gong forms. It started me breathing like a bellows, I must say. I feel great, if a little light headed.

This close to the end of my second year, I feel like there should be some deep daily insight, in case people are checking in to see how close I am to the end. When one factors in the presence of extra days because I can’t count, though, the second year is sort of over already. Monday is sort of going to be a let-down at this rate. And ultimately, it’s just another year-and-a-day. I’m not sure I plan to stop, either.

Let’s see… Tai chi. The first Qi gong form was good. I feel like I’ve really mastered five golden coins. When I say “mastered” I mean that I have a pretty strong feel for how to perform each of the five movements in such a way that they challenge my body and open it up, and get it ready for the work that is coming. Because I’d just done the Sun Salutation, too, I was breathing hard. Which slowed me down, perversely enough. I felt like this gave me a good stretching and a good strengthening this morning, and I don’t always feel that.

the second form, after the second Sun Salutation, was also ok. I almost forgot the last two postures, but I remembered before I moved on, and did the squats and the toe rises. I have more trouble remembering the postures of Eight Pieces of Silk than I do with the golden coins, and I always seem to be at risk of doing the steps out of order or with less frequency or in a more half-hearted way than the golden coins. I don’t know why that is.

Third form— my principal tai chi form — was just ok, so I did it again. I had better footwork in the first run-through, better breathwork and speed control in the second. Preceded and ended with Sun Salutation, as with the other sequences. I don’t know that I’m going to add Yoga to my permanent program, but I may. We’ll see.

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