Tai Chi Y2D352: No Snow

There was no snow yesterday, nor today.  Looks like the storm snowed itself out over Pennsylvania.

I can’t say that my tai chi practice today was good.  It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t in the realms of excellence.  It’s done, is what it is.

I’m discovering that there is a correlation between a good practice, and a series of contributing factors:

  1. I have to go to bed early enough that a 5:00am start time doesn’t feel horrible.
  2. I have to not have anything else to do in the morning that requires my attention besides breakfast and getting to school.
  3. I have to feel like I’m relaxed enough to give my attention to the practice: not stressed about morning activities at school.

A lot of it comes down to time.  Part of the reason I feel rushed in the morning is that I’m often up late; and part of the reason I’m up late is that I’m working on various projects; and part of the reason I’m working on various projects is that I’m trying to change what and how I teach.  If I don’t get out of bed until 5:30 am on a Monday (like today), I can’t do a 40-minute tai chi session.  I’m expected at school by 7:30 am.  If I get out of bed earlier, I can do a more leisurely (not necessarily relaxed) tai chi session, and get a better work-out.


So clearly, time management is one of the key issues that I need to solve.  It’s interesting when the problem can be identified like that.  Now to solve it.

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  1. I have been thinking about similar issues, although I imagine you are closer to having a fix on them than I, in part inspired by the idea to regularize my use of herbals, caffeine, nicotine etc (and eventually quit smoking), and in part as inspired by http://deoxy.org/koan/22 – aside from other things, the first Zen teacher to come to America elected to everyday “In the morning before dressing, light incense and meditate.Retire at a regular hour. Partake of food at regular intervals. Eat with moderation and never to the point of satisfaction.”

    • Dear LostinMist,

      Thank you for the link to the Koan! That’s wonderful. I may have to calligraphize (is that a word?) that someday.

      Yesterday I went to bed at about 8:30, and I woke this morning feeling great — except that I slept weird on my shoulder and woke up feeling quite discomforted and out of sorts there. It’s easing up now, but it’s still not great.

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