Tai chi Y2D351: Waiting for Snow

There’s an event at school today, and there’s also a serious risk of snow.  I’m basically waiting around and waiting up to make a decision on whether or not the event should go forward.

My tai chi practice today was considerably better in the realm of qi gong than in the tai chi form. Part of that is that my lady and I went to a dance last night, and I wound up doing tai chi in a corner as part of my dancing.  So I’ve recently put quite a lot of energy into the tai chi part.  But the qi gong was considerably stronger this morning than it usually is, and I wonder why that’s so.

Part of it, I think, is that I’m using these techniques to determine where the “pull” comes from in the qi gong techniques. If the ‘pull’ comes from a specific place in the body, other than the arm or the shoulder that’s doing the movement, the result is a stronger movement or posture.  Maybe this isn’t making much sense, but I’m suspecting that my qi gong routines are going so much better because I’m involving more of the body in the movement; I’m putting more of my body into each action, and the result is a heightened practice.  

I haven’t yet taken the time to shift these techniques over to the tai chi form, to use them there, though.  So of late the qi gong has been more effective than the tai chi.  Oh well, but sometimes that’s the way it is.

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