Rectifying the count

I went through all the posts today for my tai chi program for year two. Day 1 of year two was March 11.  I found a couple of places where there were difficult-to-find entries, like 11/4/2013.  And there’s the mystery of 10/10/2013.  I find no evidence in the records of the days on either side of that day indicating that I planned to take the day off from writing; I just missed the entry somehow.  Did I write the entry and not post it? Did I lose it somehow to the database monsters?  I don’t know.

I wish I could figure out how I added a half-dozen days to my tai chi year, though… Last year, Day 367 (Tai Chi Year 2, Day 1) was March 11, and this year… it will fall on March 17. How does that happen?


  1. Tai Chi Day 204, and Tai Chi Day 204
  2. Tai Chi Day 192 and Tai Chi Day 192.
  3. Tai Chi Day 154 and Tai Chi Day 154
  4. Tai Chi Day 25 and Tai Chi Day 25 — but repeated on the same day.  And effectively the same entry.
  5. Tai Chi Day 15 and Tai Chi Day 15 and Tai Chi Day 15 — really screwed up here.

March 17 minus five repeated days… March 12.  Still not all the way there. But closer to understanding where I went wrong in the count.

OK, I’m not going to go back and change the numbers.  It’s part of the learning process, and part of the discovery of the error.  But there is a little bit of interesting reading here.

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