Tai chi Y2D336: before snowfall

I’m writing today’s entry on a small cellphone screen, because I don’t know how to get on the wifi network at my parents’ house. I did tai chi this morning at my usual time, at home, but I wanted to get to their house before the weather changed. A storm was moving in (and now has completely failed to arrive), so I bagged the writing effort in favor of driving. And now I’m here, and can’t use the internet.

We’ll see if this becomes the standard for the whole week. If so, look for a lack of posts about what I’m up to over the next few days.

I wound up doing the tai chi form twice. I wasn’t really satisfied with it either time, although the second time through was better than the first. Both times were a bit rushed, but each was an attempt to respond to the discovery that there were two days 154: one about moving smoothly and one about moving jerkily. I wound up doing both: one very jerky, with lots of hard stops and strong motions; the other was very liquid and fluid with few hard movements of any kind. I found both useful and maybe this will become part of my long term practice.

The next six days or so will see me rather closer to Gordon than I usually am, but probably not close enough to have a drink with him. It remains to be seen if I’ll be able to write about where I am, what I’m doing there, and how my tai chi practice holds up on the other side of the Atlantic. But I’ll let you know, as able, how it goes.

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