Tai Chi Y2D316: Writing the Work

I don’t have anything particularly earth-shattering to say about tai chi today. The lingering effects of last week’s cold are continuing to fight their way out of my lungs and sinuses from time time to time; and I’m still having difficulty breathing from time to time. During tai chi I had a coughing fit, and the work didn’t even last very long.

Another sketch in the collection, rather than bullet time.  The biggest challenge in the work, this far into it, though — I always feel like I’m running out of things to say about tai chi.  In a week or in a month, though, there will be a breakthrough or an insight, and I’ll write hundreds of words to try to explore that idea. And then there will be days or months of ‘blah, blah, blah’ where I don’t have much to say.  I’m in one of those downtime regions of tai chi where it’s hard to do more than the basics, and finding fault with the basics is difficult. Ergo, there’s not much to say.


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