Tai chi Y2D313: two hour delay

Heavy weather yesterday forced a half-day at school, and bid likely to close school today. However, the snowfall was lighter than expected and ended earlier than expected. As a result, school will start two hours late for me, but it will go on.

I am not moving so easily as the snow this morning. The illness of the weekend is still lingering, and I am not yet back on a regular sleep schedule or a regular food schedule. To say I feel poorly, while also being reasonably well… It’s complicated. I definitely feel as though I can go to work. At the same time, my sleep habits over e last few days means that I don’t feel rested at all.

This carried into today’s tai chi practice. I did the first form, Five Golden Coins, but I added in one of the movements from Eight Pieces of Silk. Oops. Then I stopped for a while, to regather my sense. I did the second form, Eight Pieces of Silk ok. But then I was tired, so I sat down for a bit. I did the Druid work, but then I needed to use the bathroom. Then I did the tai chi form, and now I feel tired again.

That two hour delay is getting used up at a pretty rapid clip.

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